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Leading In Color thrives on engaging on courageous conversations and topics that unpack the systems of oppression that impact leaders at the margins of the white patriarchal dominant culture. 

We are passionate about naming and dismantling the barriers of implicit and explicit bias, raising consciousness and forging new ways to think about leadership that does not replicate power over others and creates transformational leadership models.

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Marta Maria Miranda-Straub is a Latina woman who has spent her life working towards building equity, inclusion and creating systems change. Her activism has focused on advancing social and economic justice for marginalized communities. She lives and works at the intersection of identities, ethnicity, race, gender, and sexualities, applying an intersectional feminist lens to all that she does.  

Marta has over 40 years of experience in organizational and clinical social work practice during which she has held multiple roles, such as, educator, psychotherapist, group worker, executive leader, community organizer, advocate, activist, coach, trainer, facilitator, and public speaker.


Deon Stokes offers more than a decade of Public Relations and Marketing experience. She is a rarity as she is both a strategist and tactician that is driven by results. As a marketing and business consultant for nonprofits and start-ups, Deon is gifted with the vision, determination, and skills needed to increase revenue, brand exposure, donor experiences and improve community relations. She posses a consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in earnings growth and potential, operational performance, and profitability. She understands market trends, vulnerability, company culture and the importance of inclusion in the workplace.

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